Versa Lift is the answer to all your home storage problems! Now you can keep your garage space neat by sending all those boxes up to the attic and out of sight!

Why make payments on a mini-storage?
Versa Lift costs less and is far more convenient. Your seasonal clothing and holiday decorations can be conveniently stored in your unused attic space within easy reach whenever you want them!

Most important, Versa Lift eliminates the risk of serious personal injury inherent in climbing up or down a steep ladder with your hands full. Just press the switch on the hand-held remote to move loads as heavy as 200 lbs. to the attic! The incredible Versa Lift makes organizing and storing fun!

Convert your attic space into valuable storage spae that is permanent and free. The Versa Lift installs into a framed opening in the ceiling, just like the opening for a standar attic ladder. Contact us today for a free estimate and get your Versa Lift today!

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